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Basics for Bronzing

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

What is the sense in wearing a lot of makeup during these high temperatures? Bronzers are the answer, and it’s very simple. I’ve outlined some easy application tips for you that will only take a few minutes to do yourself. The key to a natural looking bronze is to frame your face in a warm glow.

Step 1: Frame the Face                                                                                                  Find a bronzer that matches your skin tone. This shouldn’t be that hard as many cosmetics lines have come out with multiple shades. Take a large, fluffy blending brush and swirl it onto the bronzer (loose or cake powder), tap off excess. Twirl the brush in a circular motion across your hairline, lightly, from one temple to the other.

Step 2: Outline the Cheeks                                                                                            Taking that same brush, add more of the bronzer, then swipe the bronzer from ear to the apple of your cheek. You will want to blend it out using circular motions instead of the usual back and forth brush strokes.

Step 3: Accentuate the Jawline                                                                                      After dusting your hairline and cheekbones, finish off the frame by blending more bronzer along the edge of your jawline, swirling from the base of your jaw to your chin. Make sure to straddle the edge of your jawbone, rather than applying the bronzer to the side of your face, then continue blending under your chin and down your neck. If you have concerns about a double chin, you may want to use one shade darker in this area.

Step 4: Define the Nose                                                                                    Don’t worry, powder bronzers (rather than the cream ones) are so sheer, they won’t leave you with obvious-looking lines. Sweep a bit of bronzer down each side of your nose (make sure to tap off the excess from your brush first) for a subtle contour.

Step 5: Strike a Pose                                                                                                     Pose in front of a mirror, like you would be taking a selfie. Ta-dah! You have officially mastered the art of bronzing!


La Maison Valmont – By Terry Dual Powder Blush & Bronzer This two-toned powder mattifies, highlights, and sets makeup – all in one compact! Available in 8 shades. 

Murale – Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer Award-winning matte bronzer that is soft and blendable. Now available in 4 shades. 

Aveda – Uruku Bronzer This bronzer combines pigments made from organically grown annatto seeds and mica, a light-reflecting mineral,  for a sun-kissed glow. Formulated without parabens, talc, or mineral oil. For more information, visit

Hudson’s Bay – Chanel Duo Bronze Et Lumière This dual powder is composed of a matte bronzer on one side and an iridescent highlighter on the other. Available in 2 combinations. Limited edition. 

The Body Shop – Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder This honey-enriched matte bronzing powder offers a natural-looking tan and luminous golden glow. Available in 5 shades. 

MAC – Bronzing Powder A top-selling sheer, tinted powder that gives a natural, sun-kissed look. Contains light-reflecting pigments and formulated to provide a smooth, even application for all skin types. Available in 4 shades. 

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