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Making Holiday Traditions

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Whether it’s a new baby in the family or you simply want to start a new tradition, don’t let the pressure to come up with a great photographable experience overwhelm you this holiday season.

Here are our Top 7 ideas that’ll make you look like a star!

1. Find One Thing to Bring Out Every Year There will be lots of toys coming from the family for the kids. It’s time to find the perfect item that will be a symbol of love for holidays to come. This is something your child will remember about “home”. Maybe it’s a large musical Christmas snow globe, a Christmas village, or a toy train that runs around the bottom of the tree.

2. Give Pyjamas on Christmas Eve If you like the idea of opening one gift on Christmas Eve, make it pyjamas. Christmas jammies are adorable no matter your age. In the years to come, the feeling of wearing something new to bed will make your kids even more excited. Plus, the whole family can lounge around in style the next morning as you open gifts.

3. Take Photos with Santa. Just Do It. Yes, this means you must come to the mall. Santa photos are a classic and it resonates with all your family members. Don’t worry if your child freaks out – it’s part of the memory. No time? You can a) book a time with Santa through our Fast Pass program, and b) opt for the Valet service.

4. Make (Or Buy) a Personalized Photo Ornament They can be hung every year and personalized, so the entire family has their own. How much will they love pulling them out of the box each year?

5. Advent Calendar How exciting is it when the chocolate starts to arrive on December 1st! If you purchase an advent calendar that is refillable, you could fill it with Lego or puzzle pieces instead next year.

6. Wear Crazy/Ugly Christmas Sweaters This is not just for the young or an office Christmas party! These Christmas fascinations have gone mainstream, but finding them is still half the fun. Pair them with a special night to make cookies, trim the tree, or watch your favourite show.

7. Special Christmas Activity Going out to see the lights have always been a popular activity. We are lucky to have so many great displays. Don’t forget these lights are rain or shine, which is perfect for the West Coast. VanDusen “Festival of Lights” Bright Nights Christmas Train at Stanley Park Capilano Suspension Bridge Canyon Lights Park & Tilford’s “Holiday Hi-Light Festival” A little fresh air goes a long way, especially with kids. Whatever you do, just make sure to do it every year, and do it together.


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